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Totally Veronica Mars

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This is a general Veronica Mars community for everything Veronica Mars related. From graphics to icons, fanfiction to spoilers, cast info to pictures. Random comments/pictures. Tell us why you love or hate a character. Post your thoughts after an episode. Ask questions like "where can I find Veronica's top?" "Where can I find x written by x?" Pimp your new community. Go with the flow!

I hope this will be a relaxed community everyone can enjoy with just a few rules.

1) All spoilers must be behind a tag and clearly marked. This is something I feel incredibly strongly about.
2) Large images, batches of icons, fanfiction or graphics should be behind a cut tag so as not to flood everyones friends list.
3) I would like to eventually get a website going containing things posted here. If you strongly object, please say so in your post.

Fanfiction: Any pairing, and rating. Just label things like pairing and rating and it's all good!

I’m fickledame and any comments/queries/questions/concerns can be sent here.

Have fun!

daily_lv is a daily picture community for the pairing Logan/Veronica from the television show Veronica Mars. Each day a new picture will be posted by the mods, so join now in order to share the LoVe ;)